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DeanI was born and raised on a ranch in southern Kansas. That is where I enjoyed working (playing) in the outdoors, and learned to hunt and fish. That lifestyle and country living is something I cherish and will always be grateful for. I went to college in northern Wyoming, where I also hunted and fished as much as possible. I now reside in Remer, MN. I really enjoy the Northwoods lifestyle and all the opportunities to hunt and fish. I like to hunt pretty much anything I can. I took up Bow Hunting about 6 years ago, and it has become my passion. I do still enjoy bird hunting and rifle hunting. I try and take a trip back to Kansas every other year to hunt on the ranch. I am trying to get my wife into bow hunting, so she can enjoy it as much as I do. I have two beautiful children, Alyssa (7), Aiden (1). Alyssa can not wait to get her first real bow, so she can shoot with Dad. Aiden will hopefully someday share my passion.

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  • Profession: Photographer
  • Lives In: Remer, MN
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Dean's Blog

Dean Jacobs
07 February 2015
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Do your feet get cold while ice fishing or snow blowing? Mine for sure do. I have been looking for a Pac Boot that would keep my feet warm. I have poor circulation in my feet, so it doesn't take much for them to get cold. Once my feet get cold, it's game over. I received these boots as a gift this p...
Dean Jacobs
07 February 2015
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Dean Jacobs
24 April 2013
Hunting Blog
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