Eric Jorgensen

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Born and raised in Anoka County MN. I am a family man with 2 kids and a wife. I have been hunting since I was 9 years old. I am the National Sales Rep Manager for Bust A Buck Deer Lure out of Michigan. I've been a member of Athens Archery since 2009. I also have a few other bow hunting sponsors. I am a full time pool and spa service and sales man. I love the outdoors and hunt as much as possible, but family always comes first. You name it I will hunt it with my bow! As my kids get older my traveling on hunts gets better and better! This year I am headed to Quebec with the Athens guys on our annual bear hunt. Should be a blast.

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  • Profession: Bust A Buck Deer Lures Owner
  • Lives In: East Bethal, MN
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Eric's Blog

Eric Jorgensen
19 December 2013
Product Reviews
I have shot these slugs out of my 870 Express Magnum for the last 5 years. By far the best slug I have ever shot. Once you get dialed in they group awesome. It is fun shooting your slug gun 150-200 yards and having good groups. I sighted my gun in 4" high at 50 yards and it is dead on at 150 yards. ...
Eric Jorgensen
19 December 2013
Product Reviews
I got these great boots for the 2013 deer season up here in MN. I must say I love them. They definitly keep your feet warm during long cold all day sits. I sat for 11 hours on November 9th our MN gun opener for whitetail! My feet never got cold at all, not one bit! If you are looking for a boot ...
Eric Jorgensen
14 April 2013
Hunting Blog
For many years I have been hutning the elusive MN gobbler. Well at least there elusive when your hutning them. Doesn't it seem like they could be a family pet when the season is over or before it starts? They drive me crazy! Over the years I have picked up a few good tips that help me stay successf...