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The Shooting Edge ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard

The Shooting Edge ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard

      I want to tell you about I product I picked up. It is named the ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard from Shooting Edge. It is a glove that you wear when you are shooting your bow. It is designed to prevent severe injury from misfired arrows. By protecting your hand with a triple layered Kevlar. Kevlar is a lightweight, cut resistant durable and extraordinarily strong material. Barely noticeable the glove is made with breathable materials. The ProTX also reduces the torque on the bow handle, which can often cause misfired arrows.

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     We have all seen those pictures of every archer’s worst nightmare. The arrow or parts of the arrow going through a hand or splintering apart and going through a hand. I know we are always supposed to make sure our arrows are long enough to stay on the arrow rest.  For whatever reason this does not always happen. I know were always supposed to flex test our arrows. I have seen people practice and shoot arrows and never flex test their arrows. We get so caught up in shooting our groups or targets we miss this step. I usually only see people flex test an arrow when they miss the target, hit another arrow or miss an animal. The ProTX is designed to reduce the chance of injury if your arrow comes apart unexpectedly. I know people this has happened to and you may also.


     I ordered the ProTX off of the website. I found it easy to navigate, locate the desired product and place my order. The ProTX currently comes in Black, Camo and ASAT Camo. The ProTX also comes in 5 different sizes, that's right 5! Small 8", Medium 8.5", Large 9" Extra Large 9.5" and XXLarge 10". This will allow you to order the size that fits best for you without it being too loose.


     While placing the order I notice the shipping was appropriate for the item size. I really appreciate this as a consumer. I have often considered purchasing a similar sized item from other companies and won't if they have outrageous shipping charges. After I placed my order the package quickly arrived. Right out of the package I could tell this was a top quality product. The ProTX is very well put together and made from high quality materials. I put the ProTX on and the feel was great. I guess you could say, "It fit like a glove".

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          Next it was time to shoot some arrows. The ProTX felt good in the hand and between the handle of the bow and my hand. While shooting my hand did not perspire, the ProTX is ventilated. My shots felt good and my groups were actually tighter. This was something I was not expecting. The reduction of hand torque is actually improving my shooting. At the same time protecting my hand from a damaged arrow. This is something I am looking forward to come 3D archery season. The ProTX is easy to remove as if has slots on the top of 2 fingers to help with removing it from your hand.

                        20151011 161232     

      Overall I was very happy with my purchase of the ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard from Shooting Edge. It is giving me piece of mind and one less thing to worry about. It offers some insurance if your arrows comes apart on you. It is like a gun for protection or safety harness, you hope you never need it but you will sure be happy if you do. It could be the difference between brushing carbon off and having to sit out for weeks without using your hand. It sure is a lot less than a visit to the emergency room if it prevents that. I did not intentionally shoot a damaged arrow or shoot one into the glove to test it. I will leave that up to Shooting Edge.


    For more information on the ProTX Kevlar Armored Hand Guard from Shooting Edge. Go to their website at or their Facebook page at  and let them know True Friends Outdoors sent you. Also for a limited time, you can purchase one of these off their website and use Coupon CodeTRUEFRIENDSOUTDOORS to receive a 10% discount on your order on Coupon Code Has Expired.


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