Bust A Buck Deer Lure

Bust A Buck Deer Lure

Bust A Buck Deer Lure has an 11 product line up for all you hunters out there. They have liquid deer lure, gel deer lure, and cover scent lotions.

Liquids and Gels:

Social doe: Doe urine bottled from one individual deer with no additives. This is great for cover scent. I have been using this product for about 4 years and the deer are just drawn to it. I spray it on my boots when going out to the stand. I also spray it in the air about every 30 minutes to keep the snet fresh.

Young Buck: 2 year old and younger buck pee from one individual deer with no additives. I also use this for cover scent and mock scrapes. I makes the big boys think a young guy is trying to take over his area. Works great on a drag line, wick, or just as cover scent.

Buck Brawler: 3 year old and older buck pee from one individual deer with no additives. If you are after that monster buck this is what you need. This works awesome in mock scrapes and drag lines. By far the best deer urine I have ever tried. I will not go in the woods during the rut with out it.

Doe Estrus: Estrus urine from one individual doe during the peak of estrus. Scent wicks, drags, scrapes I use it every where. I have shot over 6 bucks that have come right in to this stuff and passed many more. All I can say is it drives the boys crazy.

Mock Scrape Madness: Young buck urine with doe estrus injected beads. Make a mock scrape and just add the madness. The young buck pee will make the big boys mad and as the estrus scent beads dry from the air they will start to pop and refresh your scrape daily. This is a great way to keep your scrape fresh and you out of the woods. The beads will continue to pop for weeks after application.

Earth and Pine Cover Scent Lotion: This stuff is amazing. As your body warms the product works harder. As your body temp increases it allows the crystals in the lotion to expand and create more cover scent. You can sray deer pee on your hands apply the cover scent lotion and the smell is gone. If you smoke it covers the smell right up. This stuff works!

All liquids come in a 2oz tinted bottle with a spray nozzle. The scents will last a lot longer if they are not introduced to oxygen. The tinted bottle also keeps the scents fresh longer. They can be stored from 32 degrees and 70 with no issues. Just remember as oxygen mixes with the urine the smell decreases rapidly. Sun light also kills the scent. At Bust A Buck they did there home work and came up with the perfect bottles.

All gel scents coem in a 4oz bottle. The gels can be put out and continue to let off scent for almost 2 weeks. As the sun and air hit the gel scents the tiny crystles pop and expand releases scent for days. No wicks needed application can be done almost any where. Works great in scrapes. When the deer enter the scrape the gels stick to there hooves and they track it all over the woods. In effect they help draw more deer into your area for you. I have had 15 deer on one trail cam on a 15 acre hunting site. the stuff works.

Give it a try you won't be disapointed!

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Eric Jorgensen on Tuesday, 05 February 2013 15:39

I see my spell checker must be broken! :p

I see my spell checker must be broken! :p

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