Muddy Outdoors - Safety First!

Muddy Outdoors - Safety First!


I. Love. Hunting! It gives you smiles and can be shared with people you love! However, with hunting comes many dangers. Safety is of the upmost importance. I have recently purchased a new safety harness by Muddy Outdoors. My previous safety harness was from Hunter Safety System. I'm going to tell you the pros and cons of both. These are things I didn't know about the first time I purchased a harness.

My HHS (Hunters Safety System) was very functional. It did its job. It had an easy way of snapping into place around your leg and the vest itself had two snaps in the front of your torso. That's it! Easy! And off to your treestand! The vest was easy to wear under clothing or on the outside of your coat or sweatshirt. The downside of this harness is its weight, which I  wasn't aware of it until I tried my new Muddy Outdoors harness. It's very hard to climb trees (think of your many layers of clothing at 4:30 am on a cold winter morning). By the time I reached my climbing sticks I was sweating buckets! I like the strap. It reminds me of a seatbealt: flat, strong and sturdy. Also, the two front snaps or buckles are plastic. If you wear your harness on the outside of your clothing, and the rangefinder is hanging around your neck. The rangefinder will make unnessary noise against the buckles. Making it impossible to range and be silent.

The Muddy Outdoors harness suprised me in a few ways and I prefer it over others. It felt almost weightless! Again, I didn't realize the amount of weight the other harness had added to my hunt until I tried the Muddy Outdoors harness. It buckles at the chest and around the waste and snaps around each leg with ease. Climbing trees, hiking through hills and fields is very easy with this harness. It's light and very simple to use. The Muddy Outdoors safeline ropes with the prusik knots are easy to use and contain less steel carabiners than the HHS (Hunters Safety System). 

On the flip side, HHS has a lot of options. They have an Ultra-lite BlackOps harness that looks a lot lighter than the HHS-Contour series. Both the Muddy Outdoors and the HHS websites are also user friendly and have great customer service!

Please remember to wear your harness and be safe everyone!!!

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