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True Friends Outdoors - Bubba StevensBlessed with being born in Georgia, I have been passionate about the outdoors since I could walk. I grew up involved with hunting, fishing, camping and just about any other outdoor activity you can imagine. As most Georgia hunters go, I grew up chasing  squirrels, rabbits, dove and then on to Whitetail. For a short period I got into tournament bass fishing and even worked as a tournament director for a few years. After kids though it was time to get into something closer to home. It was about then I  discovered the awesome sport of turkey hunting. Since that remarkable first time of striking a bird with a mouth call, I have been hooked. More like Obsessed. Today I  am a project manager for a site work contractor and a proud member of the Woodhaven Custom Calls Pro-Staff. I am currently serving as the President/Treasurer for the new NWTF Line Creek Chapter in Coweta/Fayette Co. GA and think about turkey hunting year round.  But at the end of the day I would have to say that introducing young hunters to this great sport and promoting conservation for the future of wildlife is my passion. This passion and enthusiasm has enabled him to be featured on featured on Turkey Call TV & in Turkey Call Magazine, Published in Georgia Outdoors News Magazine, Co-Host on Georgia Outdoors Radio and guest appearances on the Hook and Hunt Radio show. I am blessed with a beautiful wife and two sons, all with a love for the outdoors. Our youngest Son Sawyer (15) has harvested 3 of the 4 wild turkey sub species. You can check out our family’s hunting Adventures on Facebook – The BOT – Bubba’s Outdoor Television, Instagram – BOT_188 & YouTube.

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  • Profession: Project Manager
  • Lives In: Georgia
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Bubba's Blog

Bubba Stevens
28 June 2018
Hunting Blog
Around the Campfire
I was blessed to win the Woodhaven Custom Calls Pro-Staffer Of The Year award this year. It was implemented to award some one that goes above and beyond the minimum requirements to stay active on the team. That member will go on an all expenses paid "Turkey Ninja Style" spring gobbler h...
Bubba Stevens
06 April 2018
Product Reviews
The "Ninja Hammer" by WoodHaven Custom Calls is a 3 reed call (top green over two proph reeds). The Ninja Hammer is designed with a brand new cut that offers a very unique turkey sound. This call will produce those raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as, those high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turk...
Bubba Stevens
03 April 2018
Hunting Blog
​There has always been an astigmatism about hunting public land. Some of it probably warranted. Most everyone has heard the horror stories about people walking in on your set up, shooting at decoys and placing climbing stands 1 tree over from yours. Rude hunters who have no respect for the land or t...