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Target shooting is a must, if, your going to be a successful "Bowhunter" you really can't do enough. So, I daydream back, not so long ago, on a typical practice session, that was a sunny day, everything was going well , I was "putting them in there" like a good bowhunter should! when I notice out of the corner of my eye a furry little creature was scurrying across the grass, it was a field mouse, he was headed for some bushes close by, well the killer instinct rose in me like a sudden fever , I came to fulldraw on that little mouse like I was drawing down on a Ten Point Buck, Thoughts were rushing through my head, which pin do I use ? Well he was ten yards out , hey, I got that pin ! Its the first Pin , I released! The arrow flew like the wind and stuck that little mouse right to the ground! Now some bowhunters might get all puffed up like a blowfish and brag about their conquest,but, let me tell you, nope, not me, you see when I went to observe my "kill"" and get my arrow back, I noticed one thing , it was a little to far back! Yelp, it was "Gut-Shot", !! Practice ,Practice, Practice!!!!...........Atfulldraw
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Practice, Practice, Practice 3 years 1 month ago #340

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HAHA, great story. :lol:
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