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Bad Hit


What about the bad hit you made this season? With the Bow Season winding down,or getting to cold for some to make,the fridged adventure, we think back on our season, for some, you had great success!You did everything right when that opportunity presented itself, we congratulate all of you for your awesome hunting! Like to here those awesome hunts! But,what about the guy or girl who didn't have such success? That brings up the topic: A BAD HIT! Yes,its one of those sore topics that makes us cringe, makes our ears ring with sudden discord!!! The Truth is nobody likes the thought of making a "bad hit" ,thats why we spend so much time practicing, shooting lots of arrows ,preparing ourselves, for the moment, when it arrives, we make the lethal hit!!! Well, don't beat yourself to bad! Sometimes, I think, we get to much pressure, from reading the stories, watching those videos, the pictures, advertisements, on all those so called "professional hunters" who make those hunts look so easy? Really?.. Do you think they do that well every time? The Truth: They don't show you all the goofs,the misses, the bad hits ,the un-professional hunts that go on in their "perfect world" ! They just keep rolling out the footage until the get a successful one. They make "bad Hits" too! Think of this too, when your out in the backyard, shooting your bow, usually its probably quiet, probably no distractions, your consentration is on the target,its not moving around, its not making noise, ask yourself, isn't that different than being on a hunt? Sure it is! That, target is moveing! it may come slowly, it may come in like it "owns the woods",ripping it up ! not to mention the noises, the bleating, the grunting, snorting, weising, hoof stompping, eye glaring, noses in the air, Makes the backyard seem like "paradise"? Huh? My point is friends , If, you "play the game" especially Bowhunting, your going to have misses, your going to have "bad hits", mistakes will be made, but learn from those errors, ask yourself, Was it bad equipment? Was it not enough practice, when you practiced, was it strickly from the ground? Never shooting from a treestand until the day of the hunt? Was it a rushed shot? or should you have waited? could your target be in a better position? Did the wind play a part? Were you practicing "being sent free? Did wearing bad clothing play a part? Were you wearing enough camo? Was the animal looking at you ?

Did you "pick the spot"? or were looking at the entire animal? All these things and possibly more, can be leading causes why we can make "bad shots"! For me this year was probably not concentateing enough on "picking the spot"! It cost me a 9pt. In the final thought, I will not give up on improving on "the hunt"! Neither should all of you! All of you have a story to tell, " bad hits" will go away, "good hits are here to stay" Did that just rhyme? HUH?...... Atfulldraw

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I Hope No One Was Watching

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