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Bowfinger Archery 3.0 Smartphone Mount

Bowfinger Archery 3.0 Smartphone Mount

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       I want to talk about bow mounts for your smartphone. Most people these days take a smart phone with them into the woods or field when hunting. Why not use something your already going to take to record your hunt? These mount your phone on your bow and point your smartphone or small camera where your arrow is pointed. When I was in search of a smart phone or small camera mount for my phone this year I did some looking around at different models. The Bowfinger 3.0 is what I ended up with and I am going to tell you some reasons why. I actually picked up another brand we will refer to as Brand X and tried it out and was not happy with it at all.

     To start off with before getting into function the Bowfinger 3.0 Smartphone mount comes with a Lifetime Warranty. All Bowfinger Archery Inc. products are Made in the USA and are designed to last a lifetime. The other product I tried out Brand X had a 1 year warranty and you can see why. The Bowfinger 3.0 is made from Precision CNC machined billet aluminum where other companies are made from plastic. We all know what last longer and does or does not break easy. As far as weight, I could not tell difference.


      Next we will get into function. I found the Bowfinger 3.0 easy to mount and adjust where you will mount your bow stabilizer. Just pull your stabilizer off and remount with the Bowfinger 3.0 in place. This works well on both Right and Left handed bows which I found to be a benefit being a left handed shooter. I also decided I wanted my phone to record video horizontal like a TV. I was able to take my NAP Apache stabilizer and mount the Bowfinger 3.0 in the middle of it. This will work with a stabilizer that has multiple parts. It mounted my Bowfinger 3.0 and smartphone 3 inches in front of my bow handle grip. As far as the other Brand X I tried, it was not working out for me on my left handed bow. Not sure if it was just as bad on right handed bows. You see if you want to put your smartphone mount and your quiver full of arrows on your bow with Brand X things get complicated. With Brand X, I would have to adjust my mount to get my quiver on before leaving the house, adjust my Brand X mount to get my quiver off. You also had to do this again when leaving your treestand. When I am up in a tree, I don't want complicated things to focus on, I want simple so I can focus on safety. With the Bowfinger 3.0 I never have to make adjustments to it.

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      The Bowfinger 3.0 can not only be used with your Android or iphone. The Bowfinger 3.0 can also be used with many other cameras such as a GoPro, Kodak Playsport or others. As far as shooting with your 3.0 I did not notice a difference in my shots. Keep in mind with adding weight to your bow two things can happen. It can slow your shots down a few fps and it could make your bow quieter. I did not see and speed change with adding the Bowfinger 3.0 and phone to my bow. If it did change the speed, this would be a minor adjustment to the pin sight. As with anything you add to your bow, you want to practice with it on there before going hunting or shooting a target competition.

      Overall I am very happy with my Bowfinger 3.0 Smartphone mount and plan on keeping it for a lifetime. Not only do I plan on keeping this on my bow during hunting season but also for my 3D archery season. It can also be used as a tool to help you when practicing your shots. If you are having problems you can post your vidoes for others to get feedback.

      Go get yours and check out all their great products at and find them on Facebook at



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