Cabela’s Outfitter Series Folding Sheath Knife

Luckily I was able to get this new knife in time for my spring turkey hunting trip, I was able to dress out two birds quickly due to the extremely shard blade. I know dressing out two turkeys shouldn't dull a blade, but many knives would be dulled after cutting into just one bird. This wasn't the case with this knife; it's just as sharp now as it was out of the box. The only negative I found was that the sheath had Velcro on it. For a hunting knife I am not a fan of a sheath with Velcro, too noisy. I would prefer a button. I wouldn't really change anything on the knife, except maybe the addition of a thumbscrew. But adding a thumbscrew isn't necessary since it is a hunting knife and not a pocket knife. Never have I ever had to quick whip out a knife to gut something and the time it took to open my knife with two hands caused me a big issue.

I was showing it off at hunting camp and passing it around....many of the guys were asking about it and seemed interested in purchasing one similar.

I would recommend the Cabela’s Outfitter Series Folding Sheath Knife to anyone wanting a razor sharp knife that can easily be folded up and stored while taking up very little room.