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CWD otherwise known as chronic wasting disease. We have all heard of it but where does it come from? What does it affect? Chronic wasting disease affects Whitetails, Mule deer, Elk, and moose. It’s a neurological disease that comes from a family of diseases know as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies or TSE. With some research done online some sites like Wikipedia says it could affect humans but further tests need to be done and other sites says that it does not affect humans at all but it is recommended that humans do not consume and animal that is suspected to have CWD, BUT do you know what to look for? Signs and symptoms I have found include: weight loss, lowering of the head, repetitive walking in a pattern, drooping ears, sluggish behavior and it smells like the meat is starting to rot, so when harvesting your prey make sure to look for signs although it may be hard to tell but better safe than sorry!

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