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Deer Management

Deer Management

Managing deer in your area

    We all know the feeling of the first buck you see during season right? I know my adrenaline of just seeing the first deer of the season is very satisfying even if it’s a doe! Do YOU shoot it or do you wait? Well I want to discuss this topic further. Do you wait for the “Big” buck or do you shoot the first deer you see? Are you doing it for the sport, for the meat, or possibly because you have a trigger finger? I was doing some research online about the biggest typical deer shot with a rifle in Minnesota that was recorded. On is shows that bar was set in 1918 and its score was 202. Has it been this long ago because the average hunter doesn’t want to let the deer grow into their prime years or because they are trigger happy? I suppose it could also be because they need meat but can’t we all agree a Doe is better eating and there are a lot more Does then Bucks. It’s important to teach your children about letting the bucks go so they can grow and keep passing on the good habit so they too can one day have that amazing buck on their wall. It may be a buck but does it necessarily mean you need to shoot it? I am sure this topic is very debatable in the right crowd but if we want those monster whitetails on our wall we need to let them grow and show their full potential!! Would it be worth the wait to you? Of course genetics have a lot to do with this and good management also sometimes requires shooting the older bucks that have bad genetics or small horns. You want to keep the good genetics in your woods! Hopefully you have a lot of woods though because during the rut bucks travel and are looking for one thing! It’s always discouraging to see all of those bucks on your trail camera weeks before the rut starts then you go to your stand in season and you don’t see any sign of those bucks! With a lot of Doe in the area you may be lucky enough to have them stay around or even a bigger better buck migrate into your area. What’s your opinion on this topic? Do you personally pass a buck so you too can get the big one on the wall? Do you believe in good genetics? What is your best success in keeping them in your area? Food plots? Licks? Scents? Baiting ect…..I want to know YOUR opinions, ideas, or tricks to keep those bucks in your area!

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