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Eskimo Fatfish 949i

Eskimo Fatfish 949i

Eskimo Fatfish 949i

I had been looking for a nice hub-style fish house ever since they came out. I bet I looked at every brand that is out there. Every time I was near a sporting goods store I had to stop. I felt like a little kid because I had to go into every house. So then it was decision time. Do I get the Clam or the Eskimo? I had narrowed my options down to those two houses. Eskimo Fatfish 949i Wins! Why that model? I'll tell you why I chose that model over all the others Eskimo has to offer.




I really liked the idea of the insulated/quilted part of it.


I found that the stitching was cleaner and you could not see light coming through.

Black Interior

I loved the fact that with the windows up it was completely black inside.


I wanted a 3-4 man house for the room. Even though I fish with only myself and one other person most of the time. The bottom opens up for more room. (Fatfish) It is rather light for how large it is. The backpack style carry bag is awesome.


Those are a few reasons why I chose the 949i. I have been fishing with it at least a dozen times. I smile every time I get in it. It is so easy to set-up and take down. With the insulation/quilted interior you really do not need a heater on a sunny, warm day. I have found I do not have to run the heater on high as much on a mild day. Yes it is a little hard to get in the bag when it's cold. I just throw it in the sled and put in the the garage overnight to thaw out. The next morning it is unthawed and easy to get back in the bag.

Since the house is so big, I tend to bring a few too many things with me. So, it makes me less likely to be as mobile as I should. That's ok, I enjoy having all my gear off the ice and on a table. It fits 2 guys very comfortably. The other day we had 3 of us in it. Plenty of room.

I really cannot find hardly anything to complain about. The only thing would be the durability of the bag to put it in. I am curious to see how long it lasts.

If you are looking for a nice insulated hub-style fish house, I recommend Eskimo's Fatfish 949i.



  • Capacity : 3-4 person

  • Set-Up Size : 94" x 94"

  • Elbow Room : 99" x 99"

  • Fishable Area : 61.0 sq ft

  • Height : 80"

  • Collapsed Size : 8.25" x 8.25" x 65"

  • Weight : 34 lb

  • Warranty : 1-Year Limited

Secondary Specifications:

  • Ice Anchors : 6

  • Ventilation : 2

  • Windows : 6

  • Doors : 2

  • Gear Pockets : 2

  • Fabric : 300D Insulated IQ™

  • Transport : Backpack








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