Something I have always felt very strongly about is farm raised fish verses wild caught. Salmon in particular. I have watched and read many articles on this matter. This is what is happening in a nut shell.

They are changing the quality and nutrience value of our food. Also making our wild fish sick along the way. Farm raised salmon are almost always Atlantic Salmon. Wild salmon contains a higher percentage of omega 3 fatty acids and more favorable ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids than farmed salmon. It has numerous health benefits and is high in nutrients and omega 3 fatty acids while being low in fat and calories. Due to the farmed salmon being stuck in a confined area and not being able to swim freely. Farmed salmon have a higher fat and lower protein content, than wild salmon. Along with more disease and sea lice. As a result of this, these farms are causing negative ecological effects on the wild salmon from their feed and waste.

So, as a consumer be aware the next time you go to purchase salmon or tuna. Think about it, look at the packaging and make sure that it has the wild caught logo. It may also say wild caught. Plus it will help and support the real fisherman.

Salmon is one of nature’s great foods. Let’s keep it that way!