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First Whitetail Hunting Adventure!

First Whitetail Hunting Adventure!

I was lucky enough to find the time to take my father and I on our first whitetail hunt. We have hunted together for over 26 years and this is our first time we have had the change to harvest a whitetail.

it was a great hunt and now we are hooked. I have already booked 1 more hunt for this season and 2 for 2014 season.

It all started when I met Tim Clarke With Reddog Outfitters at a hunting expo in Salt Lake City Utah, he informed me that he was kinda of a new comer to the outfitting game but for some reason we were drawn to his down to earth honest approach of doing buisness. They helped us all along the way where this was a semi guided hunt he gave us maps directions and a sweet trailer to stay in.

When we first arrived at the ranch we had the change to go in find all our stand and make a plan, where we have never tree stand hunted before it was a whole new game for us, instead of hiking glassing and hiking more putting on alot of vertical miles everyday. it was walk a flat field and sit in a tree and for a first time from a different hunting back ground is a very hard thing to do. 5 hours into my first day I wanted to pass out, but as the end of the first day it was much easier to watch all animals and enjoy my time in the tree.  As we approched the end of day two and seeing several deer and turkeys and  bobcats, fox and bald egales nesting I grew to love just watching and spending 5 hours in a tree turned from bordem to seeming like an hour and enjoying all the little thing.

Day 3 the deer were not moving as much as there was a full moon causing early mornings to be slower than usually but we had seen sign of a few bucks rutting and getting excited, so we decided for the evening hunt of day 3 we would try our luck rattling and a smaller buck decoy, going into this I did not expect much but as I rattled my first set of whitetail antlers I heard a splash from across the river and soon here is a little 6 point buck looking for a fight with my decoy, through out the night I had several does and small fawns walk right up to my decoy and check him out. so now I was hooked and set that decoys to work and its not a tv ploy to get me to buy stuff.

Starting into day 4 very cold morning about 25 deg. the deer being very active this morning and having several does coming from the corn down across the river in front of me, then about an hour after daylight I seen a herd of 6 deer running arcoss the corn right at me noticing they were being pushed by a nice buck as they entered the woods where i was sitting the does walked right under my stand the buck followed does right into me and then he seen my decoy and stopped and turned and puffed up ready to fight at this point was standing behind a bush at 5 yards I drew back and held for about 4 mins and he stepped out at about 6 yards looking my decoy right in the face I release on him as my G5 T3 went right through the front shoulder bone and through the lungs the buck then jumped and ran in a circle and laid down 8 yards in front of my stand. it was just like watching all the whitetail hunts I have seen on tv over the past 20 years and excitment and thrill and of harvesting my first 10 point whitetail with my father is forevery burned into my memory.

I would like to thanks Tim Clarke, Trey and my Father Dale for all the help and care they put into helping us on our hunt. Tim and Trey have an awesome outfit and treat everyone like family.  thanks again reddog outfitters.


sorry for any miss-spellings I type faster that my brain thinks lol Great hunting everyone............

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