Gorilla Silverback Predator Climbing Sticks

I purchased 4 of the Gorilla Silverback Climbing sticks this fall.. They are pretty light @ 3.2 lbs and are 32 inches in lengths. Yes, they are 1 lb heavier then the Muddy or Lone Wolf sticks, but they are are also 12 inches longer. Made of lightweight aluminum, they can hold up to 250 lbs. With all 4 placed correctly I can get pretty close to 20 ft high. They stack together fairly well, or at least they are suppose to. Probably operator error. They are pretty easy to put up and are pretty stable. They have cinch straps on them that are real easy to use and quiet. All though they stack easier without the straps attached. So, finding somewhere to put the straps are sometimes not easy. I can say they are very easy to put up. Also the foot pegs fold in to the stick itself. The price isn't too bad either. I could have gone with some nicer more expensive ones, but chose these. Yes, you can say I am cheap.
They worked very nicely at Camp Ripley. It took no time at all to set them up. Would I recommend these or buy another set, Yes i would. The next step to complete the Gorilla ensemble would be a Gorilla tree stand. I think Gorilla makes good products for the money-wise hunters out there. I am looking forward to purchasing more Gorilla products in the near future.