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Grilled Bacon Wrapped Bear Roast

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Bear Roast

This recipe will make you think you are eating a beef prime rib roast! I promise!  The amount of each ingredients will vary with roast sizes.  I tried to explain the amounts to use based on how much of the roast to cover.  I like to use the "smell" test.  If it smells good after the marinade and rub is added, it will TASTE good!



Bear Roast (trimmed well for better quality and taste)

1 LB Bacon


1-2 Cups Red Wine


Olive Oil

1/4 Cup Orange Juice (or Pineapple)

Garlic Powder

Brown Sugar


Seasoning Salt

One Sweet Apple (quartered)

Garlic Cloves (optional)

Parmesan Cheese (optional)

First Step:

Marinade Roast in the Red Wine, Pineapple Juice/Orange Juice and Apple overnight, or for a few hours. The longer you can wait the more tender the meat will be.

Second Step:

You can either leave the Red Wine and Juice Marinade or throw it out.  Add the remaining ingredients.  For each ingredient I like to use just enough to cover both sides of the roast.  Drizzle the honey and olive oil to cover, with a light layer.  Sprinkle the brown sugar to cover the roast on both sides. Use the cinnamon, garlic powder, seasoning salt like you would for seasoning a steak (to your liking.) Let marinade overnight.

Third Step:

Start the Charcoal Grill!  Get the coals ready while you finish preparing the roast.  Remove the roast from the marinade.  Try to leave as much of it as you can on the roast.  Lay the roast out on a cutting board and determine how many pieces of bacon the roast will require. If you like your meat more garlic flavored this is when you will use the cloves.  Make a slit in the roast and add the cloves.  Try not to make the slit too big, or you will loose the cloves before the bacon can be wrapped around the roast. Also, this is when you sprinkle the (optional) Parmesan cheese on the roast.  If you choose to use the cheese, make sure you cover it well with the bacon or it will turn very dark or blacken on the grill.  If you choose not to use the cheese, add it later as an condiment to the finished roast.  You can then dunk the bacon in the marinade and wrap it around the roast. Fasten each piece of bacon with a toothpick.  Try to keep the toothpicks on the same side.  Put the roast in the center of the rack in the grill with the coals on the outsides of the grill.  Make sure you time the cooking process based on your liking of the doneness.  Personally, I like it rare, so I cook it until very pink or base it off the meat thermometer


I hope you enjoy this meal! Also, good luck telling everyone it IS bear! It will be a shock to anyone who tries it! Let me know how it goes! I would love some feedback on it! Thanks!



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