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HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin Review

I have always been a multi-pin guy. I just liked the idea of having a set pin for each yardage. Multi-pin sights have always done me well. So, when I recieved my new HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin, single pin, sight I can tell you I was skeptical about doing this review, that is until I mounted this sight to my bow and started shooting. 

When I first picked up the package I notice it was a little heavier than my current sight, but not enough to concern me. You will find when you open the package you have everything you need to get your sight dialed in and ready to hunt. Everything from an adjustment tool, second yardage reel, and preprinted yardage labels to name a few. The sight comes with the sight-in reel already attached. A quick assembly of the sight (per the enclosed instructions) and your ready to mount it to your bow.


Once the sight was mounted to my bow, it was time to go sight it in. While you have the sight-in reel, mounted on the sight, you need to dial it in at 20 yards and then at 60 yards. Getting the windage set only took a couple of shoots. Was pretty simple to do, just loosen the windage lock knob on the end of the sight, and turn with windage reel clockwise or counter clockwise 1 click for 1/8" at 20 yards. Once your set tighten the windage lock knob. For elevation simply adjust the yardage reel to zero in at 20 yards. Note that the numbers on the sight-in reel are not yardages so just adjust at will until your dialed in at 20 yards. Once you are dead on at 20 yards (took my 4 shots total), write the number down that you see in the viewer on your sight (this is important so do not skip this step). Now move your target out to 60 yards. You should be able to adjust your sight reel appropriately, shoot a few arrows until your dialed in at 60 yards (this took me another 5 shots). Once that was set, you need to write the number down that is in the sight viewer.


Now, take the number you wrote down at 60 yards (mine was 64) and subtract the number you had at 20 yards (mine was 10) and the difference (in my case it was 54) and that is the pre-printed yardage tape you put on your spare yardage reel. Once you have that tape on your spare yardgae reel, I set my sight-in reel back to 10 in the viewing window (My original mark for dead-on at 20 yards) take the sight-in reel off by simply using the supplied hex wrench to loosen the locking screw on the yardage reel, slide the reel off, put the new one on (I put this on with 20 yards showing in the viewing window) and tighten the lock screw.


After I had the new reel on I went back out and started shooting again. I started at 20 yards and was dead on. Moved the target to 30 and was dead on. I did this every 10 yards to 100 yards and was dead on all the way to 100 yards. I was completely amazed.

As I stated at the beginning I was skepticle about using this single pin sight. The ease of sighting in, the highky visible pin, the easy elevation adjustment truly wiped all my skepticism away. I still have not hunted with this sight, but most definately will this fall. I expect the ease and versitility of this sight will do well. If you 

I would recommend giving this sight a try, you wont be disappointed!

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