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HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519

HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519

Review of HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519 by Matt Hiatt

This summer I decided I wanted to change the sights on my bow, so I started looking around at the endless sights available for hunting bows. I narrowed my search down to the HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra DS-5519. Below is how I came to my decision to make the change to the HHA Optimizer and a review on the product.

Here are the reasons I chose this sight:

-HHA is a great company that sells American made products with a 100% Lifetime Warranty.

-Reputation: I know many hunters who use HHA sights and swear by them.

-I wanted a single pin sight so I only had one pin in my sight picture rather than 4 pins, which can be distracting at times and potentially cover up my target.

-I wanted a sight that would reduce the guesswork when aiming at targets, which are at a distance that is different than the standard 20-30-40-50 yard pins I have generally used in the past.

The HHA Optimizer Lite Ultra series met my “wants,” so I ordered the DS-5519. I chose the sight with the 0.019” pin because I prefer a smaller pin. I have never used a 0.010” pin before which is the only reason I chose not to order the 0.010”, HHA’s smallest pin offered. When I placed my order, I also ordered the 2x amber lens kit and Blue Burst light. I had never used a lens kit before but knew I liked the way an amber lens can brighten what you view through it. I prefer to have a light installed on my sights since I do a fair amount of blind hunting which can reduce the amount of light available for the pins during peak times of the day for hunting.

Installation was a breeze. Within ten minutes of grabbing the package I had the sight mounted on my bow as well as the lens kits and light installed. I quickly read through the instructions on how to sight in my new sight and how I could have pinpoint accuracy from 0-80 yards with a single pin. It all seemed simple enough for me. Now it was time to hit the range and try this sight out!


I started shooting at 20 yards. First thing I focused on was the left/right then moved on to up/down. Within 15 minutes I had marked the setup tape with fine-tuned ranges out to 60 yards. The only trouble I encountered was the issue called “myself.” I hadn’t shot my bow since December or so (it was now June) and my accuracy had suffered somewhat. I didn’t want to add the calibrated tape until my 60-yard groups were tight so that I would be able to choose the most correct tape. According to the instructions you can also choose to use 20/40 yards to pick the calibrated tape, but I opted to stick with 20/60. I spent a week shooting daily before I was able to hold fairly tight 60-yard groups and choose a calibrated tape to install. Once installed, I had a sight that could be “dialed” in to a specific yardage and hit a nail on the head. This is amazing!!!


Overall, I am extremely pleased with choosing this sight. Having never used a single pin sight prior to making the HHA switch I was concerned it may not be something I liked even though I liked the concept and wanted it to work for me. I made a great choice. I love having such a wipe open sight picture with only one pin. I haven’t used the sight in a hunting scenario yet so I have yet to see how I like having to move my pin while I have deer near me. I will just have it pre-set to my most likely shot distance, probably 25-yards. With the 25-yard setting I can shoot anywhere from 0-30 yards and hit 2” groups while aiming dead on anyhow. The Blue Burst light is more than adequately bright. If you find it too bright the rheostat on the sight can be adjusted to not allow as much light to hit the fiber optics. While I am very pleased with the 2x amber lens kit, I am not sure how well it will work for me while hunting. While 2x isn’t much magnification it is very helpful at 40+ yards. The amber lens definitely brightens my sight picture as well. My concerns with the lens kit are: rain and light. If the lens were to have water droplets/condensation on itthat would be distracting or potentially limit my sight picture too much. While shooting on the range I also noticed that at certain angles the sun would reflect on the lens and cause a blind spot for me. HHA now offers a neoprene sight cover which would protect my sight from water until I needed to use it if I’m out in the rain or walking into the stand. The lens is also very easy to remove for days I know it will be raining and I’m going to head out into the field.

If you want to make a bow sight change, I definitely recommend looking into the HHA line of sights. I am happy I made the switch to HHA and believe you won’t be disappointed.

Shoot Straight-Matt

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