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HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition TE

HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition TE

      In 2015 HHA Sports answered the call. The call for a tournament sight that archers had been asking for. The HHA Sports Optimizer Lite King Pin Tournament Edition was released.  HHA’s first sight aimed at the 3D and target shooter. The sight came with the first doe tail design with 4” to 8” of adjustment. It is also part of the King Pin design of HHA sights with integrated 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. This design with it’s many features and options offered everything tournament shooters had been asking for with some extras that may not have thought of.  It comes with interchangeable yardage wheels. With options for magnified lenses, blue burst lights and a sun shade.

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      I was fortunate to get a hold of one of these sights not long after it was released. Which was nice considering how well this sight sold this year better than expected. The HHA Optimizer Lite TE or Tournament Edition is packaged in a box, not their typical blister pack. When you open it up you notice the same quality put into this sight that HHA Sports is known for. You can tell the quality of their product covered by a Lifetime Warranty is built to last. You can tell right away they are not cutting corners for more profits. You may also notice the sight box indicated it is Made in the USA. The Hamm family has be developing many products for the archery industry over the years in the states. When their single pin Optimizer sights took off so well that is where their focus has been.

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      The sight has many options when ordering first off is the sight head size. This is offered in a 1 5/8” or 2” size.  I have chosen the 1 5/8” for my sight. I was mainly going to be using for outdoor 3D archery tournaments. Next the sight is offered in 2 different pin sizes for the TE .010” and .019”. I have chosen the .010 because I wanted the smallest possible pin. This for me is handy when shooting longer distances to have a smaller pin.  You can choose an optional lens lit in 2x, 4x or 6x for your sight as well. I went with the 4x and it seems to be the most popular size. You can also order an optional Blue Burst light which may come in handing in low light to make you pin brighter. All of the Optimizer Light King Pin Tournament Editions come with the 55 series mechanical rheostat head. This is a great feature to have outdoors. If you are in the shade you may want more light to your pin. If your are in the sun you may want less light to your pin. The HHA pins are very bright in the sun and this feature allows you to adjust the pin brightness right where you are on the course.

20151223 125552.png

      When I put my sight on my bow you notice all the adjustably that is built into this sight. All that adjust ability allows your to dial your sight into exactly where it needs to be. The sight comes with detailed instructions on how to set your sight up. One thing you will notice on this years model is the magnified lens on the yardage adjustment. This is an awesome new feature that is currently only offered on the King Pin line. Once you get set up with your arrows and then find later you want to use a different set of arrows for target vs 3D vs hunting. You can change the wheel out and set that wheel up for a different grain arrow. I found this handy when using this sight for 3D and hunting with different arrows. I can swap the wheels back and forth easy without changing my whole sight setup.

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      So how did this sight perform for me? I used it the majority of the outdoor 3D season and the fall hunting season this year. I did notice it’s weight was more that previous sights I have used but there is more there. This just meant I was adding less stabilizer weights to my setup. The wheel forward design was different than before but, I really like it and grew used to it shortly. Doing this during the 3D season made it second nature after a while and come hunting season. I even gave the sight a try with the new 100 yardage tapes, I would say they were dead on. Once hunting season came around I removed the large knob that allows you to remove the sight and replaced it with and included set screw so that there was room to mount my quiver to the bow. I would say the sight preformed great for me in both tournament and hunting situations. Won some tournaments and shot a deer with it on my bow.  This sight will definitely be on my 3D setup for a long time. I am looking forward to seeing what HHA sports will come up with next.

For more information on the HHA Sports sights go to

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