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It's Time for Vegas Baby!!!!

Well it's indoor season and Vegas is right around the corner and if your done with your hunts, it's time to get ready! Soooooooo, here is a short article on getting ready for Vegas, what to bring to Vegas, what to expect in Vegas, and things to be aware of in Vegas!

Getting Ready for Vegas:

Choose what class your going to shoot and register for that class. Make your hotel reservations now if you are planning on staying at the South Point facility. Get your bow ready and practice, practice, practice and more PRACTICE!!!!. Right now is the time to get your bow fine tuned so that your practice is worth while and productive. If your bouncing around in the yellow, you need to adjust your draw length. If your dropping out the bottom of the target, think about adding weight to your side bar. It's things like this that can make your practice fun and rewarding if you get it done now. Think about your strings!!!! If you are practicing a lot, get new threads now and in late December swap them out so you get the new set shot in before Vegas in February. If you are flying to Vegas you'll need a case to protect your bow, so get on that now. Also, try to find Direct flights to limit baggage transfers from plane to plane. I know it's cheaper to have more connecting flights but it's also riskier on your bow getting to Vegas in a timely manner. You will be shooting 3 days so get there on Thursday and if at all possible leave on Monday. You will shoot the first two days (Friday and Saturday) at the times you will receive via email shortly before the shoot. You will then be flighted based on your first two days scores. Your shooting time could be anytime on Sunday so it's best to try and stay till Monday.

What to Bring to Vegas:

Your bow, your arrows and your release. Bring extra arrows, at least a dozen and two if possible that are ready to go. Generally the Morrell Bales are tough as hell right off the bat and they can be tough on your arrows. Bring arrow snot/lube for them if your shooting one of the early lines. Extra arrows are also because you will lose one or two to hardware in the bales. They will soften up and be easier after the first 3 lines. If you can, bring your own target pins. I suggest something like these:  The reason is because they supply the nail through the small plastic disk thingy, but they hurt your fingers and are tough to put in and pull out of the target bale. I have no ties to Bob's but own these myself and love them.

What to expect in Vegas:

The South Point has a movie theater, bowling alley, and restaurants. There is a Steak and Shake, an all you can eat buffet, sit down style and then high end places in the building. There is an ice cream place and a Seattle's Best coffee place, and a huge gift shop as well so you might not have to leave the South Point facility. The Range is open 24 hours a day during the shoot so if you can't sleep you can go practice. I would suggest getting the Fast Pass for the range due to the extraordinarily long lines without the pass. New friends, old friends and a good showing on the vendor floor is a give in. Lancaster is always there so if you have forgotten something, you might be in luck. There is a local archery shop in town in case you can't find what you need at the show. Night life is abundant and I suggest the Fremont Street experience and the Zip Line and of course there is The Strip.

What to be aware of in Vegas:

Obviously, when you are traveling just be aware of your surroundings and be safe. The biggest thing I can advise you on is that the South Point is home to several Rodeo's and that means horse dander is present throughout the main floor so if you have allergy's, bring your meds.

I hope this helps. This is my third time to the Vegas Shoot and I love it. I always love to win on a stage like this but the comraderie and meeting new people has made this a very big social event for me as well. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Reaper out

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