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Kamik® Snowshield Pac Boots

Kamik® Snowshield Pac Boots

Do your feet get cold while ice fishing or snow blowing? Mine for sure do. I have been looking for a Pac Boot that would keep my feet warm. I have poor circulation in my feet, so it doesn't take much for them to get cold. Once my feet get cold, it's game over. I received these boots as a gift this past christmas and I have put them to the test. They pass! My feet have gotten cold in every other pair of boots I have. I hate wearing thick heavy socks because they restrict my toes. With these boots I can wear just regular boot socks. I love it. I've been ice fishing in -30 degree weather and my feet have been toasty warm and even a little wet from sweet. They have an inner liner that can be removed and dried for the next outing. With the little snow we have had this year the frost plugs work awesome on the ice. Plus they have a nylon upper that goes midway up the calf to keep any snow out of the boots.  They are also easy to get on and off. 


They might be a little on the heavy side, but I have had no problems walking around in them. I can't wait to try them for a late season deer hunt. The white color will make them blend in good with the snow. They do resemble the old time “bunny” boots, but I'm not trying to impress anyone. Warm feet is all I care about and these work. So, if you are in the market for a good Pac Boot. Get you a pair of Kamik Snowshield Pac Boots!


Kamik® Snowshield Pac Boots

    • Keep feet warm down to -148ºF (-100ºC)

    • Removable 24mm Zylextreme linings

    • EVA insoles and reflective footbeds

    • Midfoot D-ring lace-lock system

    • Yakutsk synthetic rubber outsoles with pivoting lugs

When the thermometer threatens to bottom out and the game is moving, put on these Snowshield Pac Boots by Kamik. Waterproof seam-sealed 900-denier nylon uppers and snow collars lock out winter moisture. Easy-grab midfoot D-ring lace-lock system blocks snow and cold while making sure body heat doesn't escape. Removable moisture-wicking 24mm Zylextreme® linings have five advanced layers to fight off frigid temperatures. Unlike conventional boot linings, these linings have tongues for more heat-savings coverage. Removable 4.5mm EVA insoles and reflective footbeds with frost plugs add another cold-beating barrier. Lightweight waterproof synthetic-rubber shells. Kamik's Yakutsk synthetic rubber outsoles have pivoting lugs for cold-weather traction. Keep feet warm down to -148ºF (-100ºC).Imported.

Ht: 17".
Avg. wt: 6.4 lbs./pair.
Men's whole sizes: 8-13 medium width.
Camo pattern: Realtreee APS™.

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