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Meat Seeker Review

Review of the Meat Seeker broad head: A hunters' take on marketing verses reality
Choosing a quality broadhead is as much a part of ethical bow hunting, as choosing to release or not release an arrow at our favorite big game animal. Broadhead selection can be a nerve racking under taking. This quandary becomes even more entangled when trying to pick from the numerous fixed blade and expandable blade broadheads available today. Like most bow-hunters, I am concerned with accuracy, penetration, and the resulting blood trail. These 3 factors are legitimately influenced by the hunters' broad head choice. Below is a review of my broadhead selection: the Meat Seeker made by Trophy Ridge®. Below is an image from Trophy Ridge®. I've added orange arrows to illustrate the key features of this broadhead. These features affected my decision to purchase this particular hunting tip.

The first orange arrow points to the piston in image #1 The piston is free floating. Physics says; a body in motion will stay in motion until acted upon by an outside force. This means to us hunters, that the piston will continue toward the deer at nearly the same speed as the arrow upon impact. This is the blade deployment mechanism.

The second orange arrow in image #2 Indicates that the piston will contact all 3 blades at an angle. Therefore, there will be a smaller initial entry cut as the broadhead enters the skin. It takes less energy to cut then it does to puncture (better preservation of Kinetic Energy). My reasoning is that this will improve penetration depth.

The third orange arrow in image #3 Indicates there is a notch in the very front of the blade. This notch causes the blades to lock open as long as there is resistance (i.e. the arrow is punching through the deer). This allows for a wide fully deployed blade exit hole (i.e. a better blood trail).

The fourth orange arrow in image #4 Shows a chiseled beveled tip. The advantage, as muzzy has proven; is the ability to split bone with the bones pressure only able to provide resistance at the edges of the tip (breaking and displacing the bone which creates a path). However, a huge bonus of this broadhead is that the design also allows the tip to rotate the broadhead taking the path of minimum resistance.

Marketing Verses Reality:
The marketing says the broadhead flies just like a field point. I have practiced with this broadhead out to 40 yards. The reality is the arrow flies level but hits low. The marketing says the arrow has great penetration. This, I cannot argue against. The arrow blew through my layered foam target and hit the chain link fence behind it. However, the reversible blades much like a bow- fishing tip; reversed and allowed for removal. I will not say easy removal: as the beveled tip did allow for rotation. The entry path was not easy to locate when removing the broadhead.

Admittedly, I can't report on the broadheads effectiveness on a harvested deer. But drawing upon my experience during my 28 years of bowhunting; I've come to realize there are inherent trade offs with every broadhead design whether fixed or expandable. I am impressed with this broadhead for noise in the quiver, level arrow flight and its exit holes on my target. In ending, choose a broadhead that best blends accuracy, penetration, and will likely result in a good blood trail. However, always remember no broadhead works a miracle if not placed in the right spot.

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