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My 2012 Season!




2012 was the best season I have ever had. I would like to thank Athens, and all my other sponsors for making it happen.

Spring turkey was Ok I ended up sticking a Jake with my Recluse and just never found him. I looked for 2 days and ended up with a bad case of Poison Ivy. About 2 months ago I saw the same bird so in a way it made it a little easier on me. I still can't believe I choked. During turkey season I manged to shoot a nice coyote at about 35 yards with my Recluse. I tracked his blood down to the river and he never came across the other side. The current was fast in the spring so I am thinking he just got washed down river and died. So all in all an ok spring with the bow!

Deer season started a little slow but then on Oct 6th I stuck a good doe at 15 yards with my Recluse!! My first shot was a great shot I thought but she just stood there like I missed. I figured there was no way at 15 yards. I knocked another aimed for the same spot and whack! She took one step. I was thinking are you kidding me. She took about 10 steps to the left and just fell over!! The whole time I was shooting at this doe I had another right under my stand at like 5 feet. She never even knew I was there. It was awesome to say the least! What a great Birthday hunt it was and my first deer with my Recluse!

From then on it was slow. Pre rut was ok but not what I was used to. Every thing was moving at night. I was starting to think I had trespassers on my spot. Shotgun season started Nov 3rd and some of you guys know how I like my shotgun! LOL So we headed to the farm. Opening morning I saw 11 deer 5 different buck! It was fantastic!! All the bucks were young 1 year olds so with all my might I managed to let them all walk. That doesn't happen very often when you are party hunting and can fill all the other guys tags! 2 other guys got buck that morning. My good buddy's son Ben shot his second deer ever a nice little 4 point. He holds out for bucks only. He is learning fast and is a great shot. My uncles brother in-law shot a nice 2 year old 8. Man I wish he would have passed this deer had some great potential. I guess when you are hunting your own land you can do what ever you want and I for one will not tell him any other way. I am sure it was a great tasting corn fed buck!! After these 2 got there bucks I was still in stand and looked to the north in front of me and had a coyote coming in hard!! He stoped at right around 90 yards so I pulled up old faithful my 870 pimped out slug gun and let him have it!! Boom he drops in his tracks with a slug to the neck!! That was way cool! Coyote number 2 for the year! The rest of the weekend was very slow. I am sure all the deer figured out the orange army was upon them. Late Sunday night my uncle did manage to get himself a little 2 year old 7 point. So all in all it was a good first weekend of the gun season.

I am now back home hunting my sanctuary on Tuesday Nov 5th. I had to bring the kids to school so I got a late start but I was fine with that because the rut was on!! As I am headed to my stand I am checking scrapes and pouring as much pee in them as I have with me. I am coming around the south side of the swamp about 70 yards from my stand when I hear a crack. I look to my left and in the swamp is the giant 10 I have been after for 3 years. I was so busted he took off like a bat out of hell. I pulled up the 870 but with the scope on there I had no chance. Man I was bummed. I have worked so hard to get this deer and I was just sick to my stomach. So I said screw it I am going to go sit in my blind. As I get in my blind and get all settled in I look to my left and running up the hill is another fantastic buck. I was heart broken, can it get any worse??? I took a deep breath and just decided to slowly walk the property and still hunt. About 30 minutes in to my still hunt I sit on this log in the middle of no where and relax. I hear a crack and behind me coming down the same trail I was just on is another doe!! I crouch down behind the log and let her get broadside at 20 yards. I let the beast bark and she was done!! Now I was feeling a little better. It was raining a little so I got her field dressed and called it a day.

Finally it is Nov 11th the last day of the shotgun season. I had been hunting since Friday all day every day so it wasn't looking good. It was early around 7:00am when I have a doe and 2 fawns try to sneak in behind me. Do I shoot or not? I really want to get a buck. I decide to pass. This is the best decision I have made all season!! I am not really in a stand or blind I am sitting in a padded folding chair right on the main trail so I can see as far as possible in both directions. I have 1 tree to my back and its not even really helping hide me. I just wanted to be able to shoot as far as I could in both directions. If you saw my spot you would laugh and say no way man. LOL 7:30 rolls around, 7:45, now its 10 minutes to 8:00am. I have 3 hunters to the south of me. 1 is about 150 yards away on the neighbors land. They have no clue. I am looking in there direction, there are 3 of them lined up on the south side of this cattail slough. So I am thinking there is no way I will see a deer in that direction. Out Of No Where he APPEARS!!! Right out of the middle of the cattails. These guys had no idea he was even there. He walked right by all 3 of them but he stayed in the swamp. The swamp ends on the property I hunt!! The buck turns to the right and looks right at me. I am sitting in a chair in the wide open from his angle. The only thing is I am looking back at him through my scope!!! BOOOOOM!!!! He curls up like a cheese puff and takes off running. CRASH!!!! He drops in 40 yards!!! I yell so loud in excitement my buddy hears me on the other side of the property!! I did it I finally did it!! 4 years on this property and I finally got a good buck!!! As I walk up to him there is no ground shrinkage, I am shaking so bad I love it!! My best buck to date, a nice 10!!

That is my 2012 season! I was blessed to say the least!

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