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Reaper's 2016-17 Season is Done!!!!

Last year I decided what my next seasons goals were going to be and planned out my 2016-17 very carefully. This was not an easy task as there are so many shoots and possible end goals to choose from, so my task started with what my "end goals" were going to be for a successful season. Then of course is what bows to shoot to attain my goals. With 3 bows to choose from this was not going to be an easy decision. Next was the equipment selection that needed to carry me through the entire season was key to compliment the bow choice. And finally, what was the final outcome of The Reapers season!!!!

There are several things I had to consider last year that were not insignificant. I am an indoor spots shooter and with there not being much indoor from March on through the summer I had to think about ASA, IBO, USAA and NFAA Field opportunities. Side note: I only shoot sanctioned shoots by any of the above listed organizations. I don't do Outlaw 3D shoots or anything of that nature. I will do leagues at my local shop as they are organized. Now with ASA and IBO, I am completely lost when it comes to the layout of the scoring rings on 3D animals and only shoot 3D if it's a Charity shoot as I don't care if I win, I am there to put money towards a charitable organization or cause and shoot with old friends and make new ones. It's purely a donation for me! So that left USAA and NFAA Field shoots. I ended up with a mixture of shoots from both organizations with an end of season goal of NFAA State Grand Champion and Grand Field Champion. I will list my shoots and how I did at the end of this writing.

I have three bows to choose from, 1) 2016 Obsession Final Cut, 2) 2016 Obsession Phoenix XL, and 3) a 2017 Obsession Defcon M7Z. For Indoor, I went with the Final Cut because it's spot on at 20 yards. The true shoot through nature of the bow lends itself to Indoor for me. Next for the Field shoots I had two choices and in the end I went with the Phoenix XL since it just flat out shoots well out to 80 yards. The M7Z for me has been a speed bow when I don't need speed. I decided to set it up as a backup for the XL and shoot it enough to have some muscle memory to remember if the need arose.

Equipment is not so much of a decision as I have been shooting the same stuff for a while because there is dependability and confidence in everything I have on my bow and in my quiver. We'll start with the rest I use, it's the Hamskea Hybrid Target Pro (Microtune) on all three bows. Reason being is that you can run the rest in several configurations, upper limb, lower limb, cable and static with a lizard tongue blade. Arrows are Black Eagle and I stick to three, X-Impacts, PS23's and Magnums. X-Impacts for outdoor Field Archery, PS23's for Indoor USAA shoots and Magnums for Indoor NFAA shoots! Points are from Ethics Archery and I use the Spin Points (look for article coming soon), and I give a lot of credit to these points to my huge success this year. I have placed in everything I have competed in since using these points. The Hamskea In-Sight Peep system has been one of the best decisions I have ever made as I shoot indoor and outdoor, the aperture system is a saving grace with its ease of use. Going from indoors to outdoors is as simple as unscrewing the aperture and putting in the correct size. My releases are all Carter's and they are the Just B Cuz (Candy Shopped) is my go to all around release, the Just Cuz (Candy Shopped) as a backup and the Total Control is indoor only.

How did I do this season? I placed in everything I shot in to include a tie for 3rd in my Flight at Vegas, State NFAA Grand Champion, State Grand Field Champion and a USAT National ranking of 56 (as of 8/23/2017). So, I am feeling awesome right now and thankful to all of my sponsors for their continued support, without them I would not have made it this far in 5 short years!

List of Sponsors:

Obsession bows

Ethics Archery

Sword Sights

Strict 9 Strings

Dead Center Archery

Black Eagle Arrows

Rattler Grips


Hit or Miss Archery


True Friends Outdoors

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