Prism Suit by Striker Brand LLC.

Being a lady outdoor enthusiast I have found it quite hard to find proper attire to stay dry and warm. Water inevitably leaks through.  Living in Northern Minnesota, the elements pose serious challenges. And keeping them from spoiling a great day on the ice is every fisherman's goal.

I was amazed and very happy with the newest addition to my winter gear this season. The Lady's "Prism Suit" by Striker Brand LLC.
Providing quality, warmth, and functionality. It has been the lightest suit as a whole I've ever worn. Never a feeling of being weighed down. Waterproof not just water resistant, not a feeling of dampness my entire day of fishing.
Pockets in all the right places for keys, cellphones, candy, etc. Zippers, velcro's and magnets under the material to keep everything in place. Giving you peace of mind! Try one on and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Kneeling down to drag your trophy out of the slushy ice you'll never get wet knees with the Endura technology.
With all the essential functions of the Prism suit you may think 'can it get any better'? Yes lady's! It floats!!! Being safe is priority to having a successful "no worries" fun fishing adventure!
Hope you all have a stellar year ice fishing in the northland!