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Athens Archery Solace Bow Review

Athens Archery Solace Bow Review

In 2015 Athens Archery decided to release their first split limb design bow. It was such a success that the 2016 line up all have split limbs. I had the chance to pick up the 2015 Athens Solace. Right out of the box I noticed the length of the riser compared to the 32" and 33" ATA bows I have owned. It seem to be longer. Some say the longer riser helps to improve accuracy in a bow. If you have looked at bows on the market lately, many tend to be going in this direction. Right away you can tell the great quality that Athens Archery put into all of their bows. They have a nice paint or powder coat finish and many color options. They are built to last and come with a Lifetime Warranty. 

The 2015 Solace that I have comes with a 33" Axle to Axle, 6.75" Brace Height, IBO rating of 330+ fps and a weight of 4.1 lbs. The Solace comes in draw weights of 40-70 LBS (In 10LB Increments) and Let-off: 65%-85% (adjustable). They come with draw length specific cams. Which are a binary cam system and relatively easy to swap out with the proper bow press and knowledge. 

I found the bow the bow easy to setup. Once I pulled the bow back to shoot it you can tell it has the super smooth draw cycle Athens Archery is known for. I found it to also have the comfortable grip and felt good in the hand. When I shot the bow I found it to be dead in the hand. I shot it a few more times to check for hand shock but it was really not there. After getting my HHA Optimizer Lite King Pin TE sight and arrow rest dialed in I was shooting great groups in no time. Once set up I was busting pin nocks off my arrows in no time.

The 2015 Solace that I have comes with a 33" Axle to Axle, 6.75" Brace Height, IBO rating of 330+ fps and a weight of 4.1 lbs.

The Solace comes in draw weights of 40-70 LBS (In 10LB Increments) and Let-off: 65%-85% (adjustable).

I found this bow to be enjoyable to shoot. I am sure it will do great as a hunting bow as it has for others as well as a great 3D archery bow. It is what I would call a great all around bow.

I encourage you to give one a try, I think you will be pleased. Lots of people want to try a bow before buying one. I understand that as I hope this review helps. Also contact your local bow shop. If they do not have one in stock ask them to contact Athens Archery. Athens will set up a new dealer with as little and one bow, most companies require shops to carry a higher minimum in stock. Have your shop contact National Sales Manger Rodney Rudd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. he will get them all the information they need to get set up.

For more information on the Athens Solace go to their website.

Athens Solace Setup

This bow comes with a Black Vista Camo finish, all black or other combinations.

Busting Nocks

With the accuracy of this bow you my need to order more nocks.

Great groups

With the quiet no hand shock of this bow it is a pleasure to shoot.

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New Bows From Athens Archery

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