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Remember When

Remember When

Remember when the hunt was about the experience about family and enjoying nature, the times when it didn’t matter about the camo you had the newest and most up to date gear. Hunting was the experience the family the memories.


I recall this story from my great grandfather of the giant 46 inch buck as he tells it 50 years later as if it happened yesterday. It was opening morning of the Utah Rifle Mule deer season and my great grandfather, grandfather and father were hunting in a new place close to home not expecting to find anything but going out together experiencing the hunt and enjoying the time to build a family memory. They had come across a thick deep canyon of pines and had decided as the Grace family always does ( as I am giving away a trade secret) find the deepest, steepest, nastiest canyon you find and hike half way up and start pushing along the ridge. The Morning started out as expected steep hiking resting on average every 50 yards or so until they reach the half way mark up the canyon they then spent the next 3 hours pushing upwards and deeper into the canyon watching bowls and glassing the dark timber looking for any sign of deer with only a few two points and does in the area they decided to press forward until the lunch hour at which point they would stop and eat there sandwiches and then cross the ridge and push back towards the truck . Just as they got to the top of the ridge and still not seeing anything but younger bucks and does they decided to take off their packs and enjoy the lunch there wife’s have prepared for them. Just as they were sitting down to eat my grandfather stepped on a stick and as it snapped this giant buck sprung from the sagebrush 60 yards in front of them on a dead run across the bare hill side by the time they had gotten to their guns the giant buck now 200 yards away had slowed down to a walk. My Grandfather knowing this buck was a once in a lifetime buck told my great grandpa please do not head shoot this one (as you know some old times are known to do) just as he heard a shot and watches as the huge 48” inch buck becomes a 46” buck great grandpa had just shot the cheater off the right side of this giant trophy, grandpa turned and calmed his now shaken soul and placed a perfect kill shot on this giant buck. As they sit in amazement collecting there things and reflecting on what had just happened and looking at the buck from a distance was starting to realize what they had just harvested. My grandfather had just harvested his buck of a lifetime and still to this day lights up when talking about the experience he had with his dad and his son it is a forever memory and story that my family will enjoy for years to come and an experience that has built has kept me going in times I have wanted to turn back.


My grandfather is now passed away but his giant buck remains hanging on the wall of his house as memory to our family of our grandfather and his dedication to teaching us the way of the west and what thing matter most in life.

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