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Ribz Front Pack

Ribz Front Pack

This past Spring I was asked to try out the Ribz Front Pack from Ribz Wear and do a product review on TFO. I'll admit I had only briefly seen or heard of the Front Pack via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. First thing I did was check out the Ribz Wear website to see what this nifty little pack was all about. They have a nice, well built  website with lots of great information. At first I thought the pack looked a little goofy, maybe a glorified fanny pack? Then I noticed on the site that they were promoting it for hunting, and specifically showed images of a bowhunter. Well that got my interest. Ribz Front Pack

Ribz Front PackSo I decided to give it a try and signed up to do the review. I was hoping to have the pack in time to try it out on some shed hunting hikes and my annual BWCA canoe trip. Everything worked out and I received the pack a week or so later. It came nicely packaged with it's own stuff sack for easy storage and not all sealed up in those blow torch proof plastic containers we love so much. A+ on quality eco-friendly packagine Ribz Wear. I proceeded to pull it out of the package and my first thoughts were of my tree stand safety harnesses, lots of straps and buckles of different varieties... How was I gonna figure this thing out, no way was I reading the instructions. Well it turned out to be as easy as grabbing the shoulder straps and the pack fell into place well enough to where you could visually see where you were suppose to put things. Your first reaction might confuse you being used to the bulk of packs being slung over your back. Not this one, the pouches reside at your sides before zipping them together. Once zipped together the pack felt quite comfortable and supportive. I was ready to take it to the woods.


I was heading out to do some antler shed hunting and to put out a couple trail cams. I started to load up the Front Pack with gloves, camera and bungees when I realized how nicely each one of my trail cams fit into each one of the pouches with room to spare. And I wasn't using the newer tiny game cams, these were some monsters that required four "C" batteries to power them. I easily put on a couple miles of walking thru some thick woods while wearing the Ribz Front Pack with those cameras. It was great to have my hands free while climbing over trees and thru the brush, and I always felt perfectly balanced, and since the pack was worn on the front it wasn't catching every little stick or twig that I walked by like my other back packs would have. I put the trail cams out and had plenty of space for all the sheds I never found that day. Although it would have been nice to test a big ol deer antler on one of those packs. I would definatley suggest this handy and comfortable pack to any shed hunters out there. I'll always where mine when I'm bone hunting!

My second chance to use the Front Pack was on my annual Spring canoe trip into the BWCA. I wanted to see how comfortable the pack was while carrying a heavier back pack and while paddling or portaging the canoe. This time I filled the pouches with simple survival items like matches, camera, gps, sunglasses, cap and some granola bars. I had plenty of room to spare. Turned out the pack was great on the portages even with a huge 80lb+ pack on my back and the canoe on my shoulders. It stayed comfortable the entire time. Although I found it easier to paddle with the pouches unzipped from one another. I didn't get a chance to try the pack while fishing, since the lakes were all still half froze over. However, while I was trapped by the ice I had plenty of time to hit the backcountry to do some hiking and look for some BWCA Moose and Deer Sheds. Actually had some success finding bones this time!

The Ribz Front Pack gets a thumbs up from me. I'll definatley be wearing one whenever I hit the backwoods or the miles of lakes in the BWCA. I can't wait to try it out this Bow Hunting season, it's sure to replace my old uncomfortable fanny pack.


Ribz Front PackRibz Front Packb2ap3_thumbnail_919586_533378010033636_748780258_o.jpg

I received RIBZ Front Pack for free from RIBZ as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations. This review is my own opinion of the product and I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review.

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