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T.R.U Ball Outlaw Release with Speed Buckle

T.R.U Ball Outlaw Release with Speed Buckle

Starting out I bought the release out of necessity, the laws of my old nemesis Murphy kicked in mid-hunt. My old release had used its last arrow flight, so it was time to go to town. After some deliberation we decided to try the T.R.U Ball Outlaw. What drew me to the Outlaw was the rope connecting the release to the wrist strap. Knowing I had a problem with torqueing my old release, I thought this would eliminate that. After getting back to camp it was time to test it out. The wrist strap was easy to adjust to my wrist size. The speed buckle gave me quick lesson on making sure it was latched all the way. First draw only made it about half draw before the release started to undo its self. Quick lesson learned. After the first shot I knew this release was for me. The rope connection between the wrist strap and release completely eliminated my torque issue. Even if I tried I couldn't torque the release. The release is smooth and crisp, what a difference it was from my old release. Funny how you don't recognize a problem until it slaps you in the face or causes a complete miss on a beautiful Ohio buck.

In conclusion the T.R.U Ball Outlaw is a great release. The release is smooth and crisp. The rope is great for those of us that don't have perfect form and tend to torque the string. The wrist strap with the speed buckle is a little difficult to put on at first but with practice it becomes second nature. I haven't even talked about the price. Priced at $45 dollars it is easy on the wallet and worth every penny. The Outlaw gets my seal of approval. Hunt hard and remember aim small miss small.

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