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The Bow Holder by EBI Inc.

The Bow Holder by EBI Inc.
I decide I was going to hunt some public land this past fall in a climber tree stand. So I decided the use of a bow holder that screws into the tree was not what I was going to use. I decide that I need to find one that attaches to my my climber stand. I found the Bow Holder by EBI Inc both at the Buckarama Outdoor show I went to. They offered a Bow Holder that does just what I needed and more. This bow holder not only holds a bow but can also hold a crossbow, accessories and has a place to mount a camera stand. 

The Bow Holder Stops Cold/Fatigued Hands Caused From Holding Bow. 
Stations Bow Upright...Ready to Grip & Draw Back. 
Within Arms Length of Hunter at All Times Accessory Hanger. 
Stores / Organizes Hunters Accessories within Arms Reach Out of harms way.

Built solid and keeps your bow steady on your stand.

Richard Mabry, 2016

Once in the field I attached the Bow Holder to my climber on the ground. You will want to do this on a squared off part on the stand. I tried it on a round bar and found that this was not a good idea. You just place it on the bar and tighten the nobs on the bottom of the holder one at a time until they are tight and secure. You will also want to make sure you do this before climbing to avoid leaning over or down once you are 20 feet up the tree. 

I left my bow attached to a pull up rope on the ground and did not climb with the bow attached. Once up to your climbing height you will pull your bow up and place it in the holder. You will notice the holder are are coated with a matte rubber type of material. This allows for the holder to grip you bow and it also ensures that it is quiet. The first time you place your bow in the holder you may find that you may need to adjust the arms. This is so that you get the bow at the desired angle you prefer. The holder has slots to do this and that ensures that the hold is solid. No need to worry about anything loosening up and you bow changing angle or falling. 

Once a deer approached I found no issues with removing my bow quietly from the holder. You may find than you prefer to mount it on the lower part of the climber or an upper part of the climber. It works well either way, again just a preference you can choose. I am sure this Bow Holder will work well on a climber, lock on or ladder stand.

For more information on the Bow Holder from EBI Inc. go to or on Facebook at

The Bow Holder mounted

The bow holder shown here mounted to the lower part of the climber stand.

The Bow holder shown here assembled and out of the box.

The bow holder shown here coms partly assembled and ready to use.

Close up of the Bow Holder

Here is a close up of the bow holder mounted on the tree stand holding a bow in the ready to grab position.

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