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The Hot Shot Archery X-Spot Release Review

The Hot Shot Archery X-Spot Release Review

I want to tell you about an awesome archery thumb release aid. I have been using both the Hot Shot Archery X-Spot and X-Spot Brass Knuckles for over a year now. So this will not be a strait out of the package review. Even though I was impressed strait out of the package. Hot Shot releases are high quality releases from a company that truly stand behind their products. They are currently a smaller company than some but, growing every year. It is no wonder when they keep putting out such high quality products. As an person who has my bow in my hand and a release in the other all 12 months out of the year. I appreciate a quality product, that I can count on all year long. I hunt 4+ months out of the year and shoot 3D tournaments 8 months out of the year.

When you purchase a Hot Shot Archery X-Spot or X-Spot Brass Knuckles they come with everything you need. In the package you will find the release, a wrist lanyard, extra springs, extra set screw, instructions and all the allen wrenches the release can use. The wrist lanyard is a preference to use and is adjustable depending on how snug you want it on your wrist. The release comes with three different springs. A heavy one if you want a hard thumb tension and a light spring if you want a light spring tension and a medium spring. The extra set screw is included if for some reason you need a backup but, I never have. The release has many adjustments built into it to customize it to your liking, so they include 5 allen wrenches so you can make those changes.

As far as adjustments. You can adjust the trigger tension spring by changing out the springs and adjusting the set screw. You can adjust the travel or creep on the thumb trigger with a set screw. You can adjust the thumb barrel position forward or back to best fit your hand. The thumb barrel also twists to raise or lower. You can also adjust the thumb barrel 360 degrees around depending on your preference. This is a feature I am not sure any other company has.

Like I said the quality is top notch. I have put this release in the hands of many people that shoot other brands and they are impressed. You set this release with the button on the top of the release and then place the hook around your d-loop. One of the main features I like about this release is the body of the release that goes around your index finger. When at full draw I am able to rest the body of the release that is around the trigger finger on my jaw. This is very important since it allows me to get a very consistent anchor point. Once you find that location on your jaw, you can build the muscle memory to come to the same spot over and over. That way your release is not floating, it is in a solid location. The release feels great in the hand upon drawing the bow and the release. Upon pulling the thumb trigger the follow through on the shot works great. My scores have gone up in 3D and my groups have gotten tighter using this release.

The X-Spot and X-Spot Brass knuckles are basically the same release. Except for the fact that the X-Spot is lighter in weight and the Brass Knuckles is made of solid brass which is heavier in weight. I have found that I prefer to use the X-Spot for hunting situations and the Brass Knuckles for 3D archery and target situations. I know people who use the X-Spot for all situations and people who use the Brass Knuckles for all situations. It really comes down to preference.

Also there releases come with a Lifetime Warranty which is something I look for in archery products. You know if a company puts a complete lifetime warranty on their products. Then they are built to last and they stand behind their product. Hot Spot Archery also allows their customers to send in their releases once per year for a tune up. They will clean the release and replace any internal components that need replaced. To find out more about this release on their website or to order your own. You can go to


Hot Shot Manufacturing

Fully adjustable trigger tension.
Fully adjustable trigger travel.
Our proprietary seer polishing and honing method ensures a silky-smooth and ultra-crisp trigger.
Multi-Axis thumb barrel rotation ensures unlimited adjustment for perfect fit in your hand.
Perfect seer alignment, thanks to our exclusive 2-Thirds case design.
Additional surface area at the fingers reduces finger fatigue, even after hours of shooting.
The heavier Brass Knuckles weighs an incredible XXXX Ounces
Available in 3-Finger and 3-Finger Brass Knuckles
Public Land Can Be Your Friend
Reaper's 2016-17 Season is Done!!!!

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