A couple years ago a friend of mine was in his deer stand when a mature doe comes in to view and he was getting excited about releasing an arrow. Now it was a little cooler outside on this late fall morning, so he had a couple more layers of clothes on than usual.

He did everything right, he practiced shooting in his early season clothes and practiced in cold weather gear. Now this doe was at thirty yards, broad side, he was thinking chip shot. He pulled his bow back to full draw and his arrow went flying though the air about 6 feet over the deers back. He didn't know what to think, but the doe didn't know what happened and came closer, now she was at 22 yards. Slowly he knocked another arrow and came to full draw again. This time the arrow stuck a tree 4 feet above the deer.

Now the doe figured out something was not right and fled the area. With one arrow left he gets out of his stand and looks at his equipment. All he can think is his release is messed up.

Back at his truck he pulls his target out of the back and prepares for another shot, he draws his bow back and lets an arrow fly, bullseye. Now he is puzzled, he looks over all his gear again. He shot with everything he had, with the exception of his new heavy winter gloves. He goes and pulls his arrow from the target and knocks it again and comes to full draw. This time paying attention to the heavy fingered gloves, he settled his finger on the trigger and off goes his arrow over the target again. He knew now that these gloves were the cause for his earlier misses.

Lesson learned. He might be a couple arrows short but he is a lot wiser when it comes to gear preparation. Don't let little mistakes ruin your hunt, a few extra minutes shooting and looking over your gear could be the difference between a quick clean kill or a missed opportunity.