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Velocity Archery Armageddon Crossbow Review

Velocity Archery Armageddon Crossbow Review

In the spring of 2014 I decided I wanted to get another crossbow to turkey hunt with and have for deer season in case I hurt my shoulder or it was very cold and I had to wear a lot of clothes which make shooting a compound difficult. After talking to friends and seeing "Velocity Archery" during some searches online I decided to check them out. I had never heard of Velocity Archery prior to the search I put on so I wanted to check them out well before committing to make that my choice.

I went to the Velocity Archery website and was amazed at how many products they offered. Crossbows, bows, scopes, bolts, slingshots, blowguns, accessories, and targets.... are you kidding me, they have everything!! First thing I wanted to check out was the crossbow section. Velocity Archery carries 7 models of crossbow. From high speed hunting crossbows down to fun pistol target shooting crossbows. Personally I was after speed so my focus put me on the Armageddon and Raven. I looked the two over and went back and forth on which to choose a few days before my final decision. I chose the Armageddon package with the speed dial scope. The package comes complete with everything needed to shoot; crossbow, scope, quiver, sling, and 3 bolts. The main factor in my choice between the two was that the Armageddon was black and I planned on mostly using it for turkey hunting from a blind.

armageddonspecsI called up Velocity Archery to place my order and talked to Mark Wenberg, the owner for a while. After having talked to Mark on a few occasions now I can confidently say that he and Velocity Archery are a trustworthy company that have the customer at the top of their list. Just a short time after I placed my order the deliveryman brought me a nice big package, I was stoked to open it, put it together, and get it sighted in.

Assembly of the Armageddon was not difficult. Basically the crossbow comes in two pieces; the stock and the limbs. A quick read through the assembly instructions and I had the crossbow put together, the scope mounted, and the quiver bolted on. While the directions didn't say to do so I used some blue Loctite on all screws/bolts I installed to help keep them from backing out due to any vibrations during the shot that may occur.

Before I took the first shot I pointed the crossbow at a target 10 yards away and adjusted the scope to what I thought should be close to center. Time to see what the Armageddon can do now. My first shot wasn't all to far off, about 4 inches high and 5 inches left. I made some adjustments to the scope and moved back to 20 yards to dial the main crosshairs in. At 10 yards I didn't realize how fast this thing shot, but now at 20 yards it was not something that went unnoticed. I've shot a lot of crossbows and this was by far the fastest I have shot yet. I had the scope zeroed in less than 10 shots and was now ready to move out to 30-40-50 to get the speed dial fine-tuned so I could accurately shoot from zero-50 yards. With about 10 shots at each range I got the dial fine-tuned and was ready to go. The IBO speed on the Armageddon is 350 FPS but after running it through a chrono we found that it actually was shooting 370 FPS. Now I had to wait on turkey season.

Well turkey season came and went with no shot opportunities, but I was constantly shooting my Armageddon throughout the summer to gain confidence in it. Once deer season rolled around I even decided I wanted to take my Armageddon instead of my compound bow. Deer season is still going on now and I haven't had the right buck walk by that I'm looking for but the freezer needs some meat so I'm going to have to get on it so I can let the Armageddon loose on a deer.velocityarmageddon

Overall I have been more than pleased with the Armageddon. I still can't believe the crossbow package sells for just over $500, that's a steal! A couple buddies of mine also got an Armageddon and they all love them. One of their young sons started shooting his and basically claimed it as his own after seeing how great of a shot he was with it. I'm now hooked on my Armageddon! If you're in the market for a crossbow I highly recommend checking out Velocity Archery.

Hunt safe and shoot straight!
Matt Hiatt

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