Woodhaven Ninja Hammer

The "Ninja Hammer" by WoodHaven Custom Calls is a 3 reed call (top green over two proph reeds). The Ninja Hammer is designed with a brand new cut that offers a very unique turkey sound. This call will produce those raspy yelps of an old hen, as well as, those high-pitched kee kee runs of a lost turkey. The Ninja Green latex is very user friendly to blow while still offering lots of backbone in the call. From hard, crisp cutting, yelping, and whistling to those soft clucks, purrs, and whines…the "Ninja Hammer" offers today's turkey hunter its very own unique sound.

Thats the official description from the web site. Now for my personal interpretation and review. You will absolutely love this call. Well I'll be realistic. Most of you will love this call. Everyone has their own personal preference. If you are familiar with most mouthcalls, you know the latex often requires a bit of effort to obtain the sound you want. Not the case with the Ninja Green latex. Nothing against thicker models. In fact I keep several on hand for a variety of sound. I have some friends who absolutely prefer almost tablecloth thick diaphragms to get what they want. As for me, I like the ease of this call and the whole Ninja Series. Less air, less effort & quality sound are my best selling points for this call. I get excited enough when a bird hammers from a near by limb that I don't need to spend the extra effort trying to run a call. The unique cuts helps you call soft and smooth or you can add a little rasp. Very versatile. Kind of like a utility baseball player...it can handle any position on the field. 

Try the New Ninja Hammer by Woodhaven Custom Calls.