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 Born into a obsession of the outdoors. Hunting was in my blood. Can't deny my roots and wouldn't if I could. Here to share my stories and love of the outdoors with you. Falling into a small percentage of female hunters I'm looking forward to enlightening you on what it's like from the side you rarely hear from. Or as most men refer to us as, the better half. In a sport that is dominated by men things can get really interesting and in some cases down right hysterical when you are outnumbered 10 to 1.

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  • Profession: Project Manager
  • Lives In: Franklin, OH
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Steph's Blog

Steph Brown
21 December 2016
Product Reviews
More and more women are flocking to the idea of archery and hunting.  It is not just a sport for most but a way of life and a heritage.  TFO Pro Staffer Stephanie Brown helped to organize an all women's archery whitetail hunt this year in early fall.  The turnout w...
Steph Brown
22 April 2016
Product Reviews
Around the Campfire
​It was a exciting youth turkey season this year for several reasons.  First, it's always exciting to see so many youth getting outdoors and learning something new.  Secondly, it was even more special because I was able to get out with my significant other and his son for his first ever tu...
Steph Brown
21 April 2016
Product Reviews
Around the Campfire
​Last year, I was contacted by an old friend who invited me to join him and his wife on an African safari hunt. Now, I've been hunting from Ohio to Kansas and in between, but the idea of traveling around the world was a dream about to become reality. Without hesitation, I jumped on the chance to fol...