Archery & Women In The Outdoors

More and more women are flocking to the idea of archery and hunting.  It is not just a sport for most but a way of life and a heritage.  TFO Pro Staffer Stephanie Brown helped to organize an all women's archery whitetail hunt this year in early fall.  The turnout was amazing and all of the spots were filled with a list of ladies wanting to get in on the annual hunt in 2017.  The women ranged in all skill levels of archery and hunting experience.  The hunt brought together women from all over the country and the end result was one that left Stephanie speechless.

Buckchasers, Pike County, IL - Women's only archery whitetail hunt

October, 2016

Stephanie was approached by Chris Bishop, owner of Buck Chasers in Pike County, IL last year about helping to organize a ladies only archery hunt that they host each year.  Without hesitation Stephanie was on board with helping out and was extremely excited at the opportunity of hand picking a group of 10 women from across the country.  Women from all skill levels were present at this event from beginners to seasoned hunters.  The hunt took place over 4 days at Buckchasers prestine lodge in Pike County, Illinois where the ladies were all meeting in person for the first time.  Groups of women came from all over including Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin and South Carolina.

Bringing a group this large together for the first time can be quite unnerving.  So many bold personalitites and a lot of strong independent women.  From the moment these ladies met they instantly became sisters and formed a bond that will last a lifetime.  The comradery between this group of hand selected hunters could not have been stronger.  From day one there was nothing but positivity and encouragement amongst the group.  The trip started with a 3-D shooting course preparation for the first days hunt.  Everyone had a blast and the women really bonded during this time which set the precedent for the rest of the trip.    

Over the course of four days the women laughed harder than they have ever laughed.  Hunted harder than they have ever hunted.  Battled rain, high winds and even lightening on day one!  If you don't think that is dedication than I don't know what is.  Women are making a name for themselves not only as archers but as hunters, providers and sportsman of the highest caliber.  Several of the women were very successful on their trip and everyone plans to return next year for the annual hunt.  

If you are interested in joining in on future events like this please reach out to Pro Staffer Stephanie Brown for more information on how to become part of this group or organize your own all ladies archery or rifle hunts.  

2016 Buck Chasers Women's Only Archery Hunt

​Ten women from across the country came together to make this event possible.

Big Bucks at Buck Chasers!

Congrats to Jessica Horning on this Illinois bruiser she harvested on the hunt in 2016!

Buck Chasers

Pike County, IL

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