4 inch Vanes VS 2 inch Blazer Vanes

4 inch Vanes VS 2 inch Blazer Vanes


4 inch Vanes VS 2 inch Blazer Vanes


The debate over 4 inch vanes or 2 inch Blazer vanes is one that will never be decided.  I have read many articles and forums that are on both sides of the fence.  Many say the 4 inch vane has better stability, especially with broad heads.  Many also say the 2 inch vane offers more speed and penetration.  With some saying they have tested both and have not come to many proven conclusions, other then it’s personal preference.  
I recently talked to a shop owner, who said he had talked with a few arrow manufactures about this same topic.  Again no real conclusion.  He did say marketing has a lot to do with it.  New products to boost sales, and every PRO shooter on TV out there is shooting them.  Funny how you can buy a set of 4 inch vanes for around $2 and a set of 2 inch vanes cost around $3.  Less material cost more money.  It is hard to find new arrow sets online that are not fletched with 2 inch vanes.  Marketing?
I myself shoot the 4 inch vanes.  I have though about trying the 2 inch vanes and doing a comparison myself.  I know archers who shoot the 2 inch vanes and swear by them.  Since I have not seen any real concrete evidence on the benefits of the 2 inch vanes, I think I will stick with the 4 inch. So I guess it is personal preference.  
If you have any comments or additions please fell free to add them. 

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