Have you thought about putting out your mineral licks? Now is the time! Yes, mixing up some salt along with some good minerals is a good way to produce some bigger bucks in the future! Weather you buy prepared minerals in a bag or get some mixed up at the feed store, you should help out those deer develope into their "full" potential ! If, your like me your probably tired of seeing those litttle bucks with few points or with all kinds of little points, or wiered, goofy racks, that, look like they been hit with a" ugly stick"! You wonder in amazement, what in the world happen to You! The best thing you can do is take it out of the "gene pool".  I know, most hunters, don't want to waste a good buck tag on a goofy, weird looking buck, so, we can only hope it gets hit by a car!  Nothing wrong with road kill! Back to the mineral lick, location can be to your advantage, remembering that in early part of the season the flow of air up here in northern Minnesota comes alot from a southernly direction . So with that in your mind, you can put your "lick" in a spot that  makes the buck aproaches from the south. Personally, I , don't put my stand over the "lick" ,but , up-wind from it .  ambushing it as it makes its way there,  alot of times they make rub lines, trails, scrapes going towards the "lick", This can be the best time , to show, that, all that practicing you did all summer surely paid-off! By shooting a buck that makes all Proud! Keeping that mineral lick replenished about once a month with new stuff keeps them comming! Year after year the sight might get bigger and bigger, but you will see bigger and bigger deer!  There is cost involved, but, if tired of mundane little "ugly stick" bucks, spend it!   Bring home the "big" one The one you helped along his way!.............Atfulldraw